Folio | Simple mobile publishing
What is Folio?
Before Folio
After Folio
Viewing a Folio
Open a link or scan a QR code.
  1. A viewer receives your Folio link, or scans your QR code.
  2. Viewers are prompted to open the app, download the app, or view in the browser.
  3. They can get the full-screen Folio reader from the app store.
  4. Your audience can now enjoy your full-screen Folio!
Designing a Folio
Just use image and video files.
  1. Have your design team create your Folio pages as images, videos and animations.
  2. Upload your image, video and animation assets into the design portal, add links and publish.
  3. Pay to publish. Folio costs:
    $1.00 to publish a Folio.
    $5.00 to publish a Folio with links.
  4. Unlimited distribution! Once published, display a Folio QR Code or copy and paste a Folio link anywhere links can be opened. Unlimited distribution, no extra charge.
Pay as you go.
For a Folio without links
For a Folio with links
Distribute Anywhere
You can distribute a Folio link anywhere links can be opened.

At Folio, we believe:

Anyone, anywhere, should be able to create and publish on the full phone screen while being 100% in control of content, viewer data, ad revenue, and distribution.